Question about search warrants

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Question about search warrants

Post by Admin on Mon Apr 06, 2015 4:43 pm

Hi All -

I've been in NZ (from the States) less than six months and still getting the lay of the land (which I adore by the way!) I heard and then read about what happened to the Kleines last week, with their being taken away by police to separate locations for questioning as well as the search of their home. Coming from my American legal perspective, a couple questions:

* I didn't see anything in the GB Weekly article about the basis of the search warrant. Anyone know more about this? It's interesting that, upon returning home, that they were not told of the search. In other words, a warrant apparently had not been delivered to them?

* Was this episode of them being taken over the hill for questioning - and to separate cities, no less - unusual in NZ law enforecement?

* How does the jurisdiction thing work? Specifically, I note that it was reportedly the Auckland Police who took them away and performed the questionings in Mot and Nelson. I wonder why a municipal police force would be involved ... isn't there a national police force (equivalent in the U.S. would be the FBI).



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